The Interpreter: The Troublemaker

May 1, 2005

Being the movie buff that we are, my boyfriend and I decided to see The Interpreter starred by Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. Generally, the movie was awesome with its unexpected twists and turns and intelligent word plays. I recommend you to see the movie yourself and I assure you that it will make you want to learn more about the things that go on inside the prestigious UN building.

But what interests me most after watching this movie is the role of the interpreter itself. Imagine mastering a couple of languages and using two of them both at the same time — one for listening, and the other for speaking! Geesh! I already have a hard time perfecting just one! Anyway, coincidentally, a few days after watching the movie, I saw a segment on CNN regarding the UN. In relation to The Interpreter, they featured what these people really do in the organization. Basically, an interpreter’s role is invisible. He/She only gets noticed when mistakes are made. Now that would be a big problem, wouldn’t it? Representatives from different countries are gathered in this one spacious room to discuss international issues. Most of them do not even know any English and rely solely on the voice they hear from their earpiece to be able to understand what is being tackled. But what if they get the wrong message due to the interpreter’s fault? These are international polices and issues we’re talking about. War could result from one simple mistake. You might think it’s overly dramatic but it could happen…hopefully NOT!

Realizing these things, I suddenly think…sometimes, the messenger really has to be shot! ‘Nuff said!

Weekend Wonders

April 30, 2005

At long last, the five workdays have already come to pass and my most awaited Saturday is finally here! Best thing is, it’s a three-day weekend! I can already imagine myself watching TV ’til the wee hours of the morning and waking up at noon! I can envision the scenes…surfing the net all day, watching my favorite DVD’s and TV shows while munching Ruffles or Lays…be the master that enslaves the remote control, making it obey what my fingertips dictate…ahhhh heaven! I think it’s just fair for me to lie around after having missed lunches, dealing with not-so-likeable clients, and working overtime without pay! Beat that!

Anyway, enough with the ranting. About the weekends, don’t you find your foods at home a little different during these two wonderful days? I don’t know if it’s the same in your house but in mine, I find them extra special particularly during Sundays. Maybe my mom knows how I long for “real” food after having cold, ready-to-eat meals at work, so she would ask me what I want and that’s what we’ll have. Imagine, eating your favorite home-cooked meal on weekends…what could be more special than that?! I know…having this everyday!!!

Days off from work, lazing around at home, playing couch commando, special meals prepared just for you…who wouldn’t love the weekends? I think the only thing that would bother me during these times would be the insufferable heat of summer. But that’s nothing a cold shower a day can remedy. Well, maybe two cold showers…or more ^_^